Courses and Activities

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Computer Help

There is a website GCFLearnFree that provides a wide range of online learning materials on computer related topics and other fields related to everyday life. Click here to go to it.

Another good source for learning about computers is the Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors website.

Computer security is important. Click here for an article about how to keep you and your computer secure.

Tuesday Talks Second Semester 2018

Aug 7           Brian FERRIS                        The PP Board
Aug 14         Lorraine SEWELL                 A Country Girl's Journey into the CWA
Aug 21         Brian Hardaker                   The Eden Project
Aug 28         John Charles RYAN             Australian Nature Writing
Sept 4          Prof. Martin GIBBS             Archaeology
Sept 11       Colin SHOLL                         The Armidale Symphony Orchestra
Sept 18       Alan WALSH                         HImself and Family
Sept 25       Tony BUSH                           South Korea
Oct 2           Lyn Hardman                     My Life With Cars
Oct 9           Glenys WILLIAMS                The Baltics
Oct 16         Judy GRIEVE                         A Tangled Web of Bakers in Armidale
Oct 23         Lucy and Barry McCANN   Who we are and What we are
Oct 30         Ian JOHNSTONE                  Making the Familiar Fresh
Nov 6          Ian JACKSON                        A Walk up Kilimanjaro
Nov 13        Alison HODINOTT               Convict Ancestry
Nov 20       Dr. Marnie FRENCH             Changes in Medicine That I Have Seen
Nov 27       Laurie PULLEY                     A Musical Morning
[ Christmas Lunch- $25 per head-ALL PAYMENTS TO BE MADE IN ADVANCE].

Puzzle Corner

Free crosswords daily from the Guardian (UK). Do online or print a copy. Click here.
Free Sudoku puzzles. Do online or print a copy. Click here.
Free Hashi puzzles. Hashi is a puzzle where you must link circles with lines. Each puzzle has a unique solution. If you like Sudoku, you will enjoy this. Click here.
Do jigsaw puzzles on your computer. Click here.