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Computer Help

There is a website GCFLearnFree that provides a wide range of online learning materials on computer related topics and other fields related to everyday life. Click here to go to it.

Another good source for learning about computers is the Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors website.

Computer security is important. Click here for an article about how to keep you and your computer secure.

Photography Group

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homework for Feb

Tuesday Talks First Semester 2019

Feb 5          John de Veau               “Me and the White House”

Feb 12       Gillian Traise                “Why Exercise is Good”

Feb 19       Arnold Goode               “Mining at Rocky River”

Feb 26       Peter Metcalfe              “Planting to attract Native Birds"

March 5    Chris Hardman             “Prizewinning Chooks”

March 12  Nicole Corry                  “Multiple Sclerosis.”

March 19  John Malouf                  “Positive Psychology”

March 26  Sue Metcalfe                 “Music-My Life”

April 2       Chris Cunningham       “Climate Change”

April 9       Bill Oates                        “Heritage Gardens”

April 16     Jim McFarlane               “Life”

April 23     Leanne Betteridge        “Hearing”-Hearing Aids and Ear Care.

April 30     Delmar Parker               “Eye Care”

May 7        The Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Council

May 14

May 21       Richard Mills                 "Family History"

May 28       Michael Gibbs               “Shipwrecks around Australia”

June 4         Adam Marshall             “Local Government and me”

June 11       Joyce Christie                "My connection with the Solomon Islands”.

June 18       Ruth Blanch                  “Her choice”

June 25       Hugh Cameron

Puzzle Corner

Free crosswords daily from the Guardian (UK). Do online or print a copy. Click here.
Free Sudoku puzzles. Do online or print a copy. Click here.
Free Hashi puzzles. Hashi is a puzzle where you must link circles with lines. Each puzzle has a unique solution. If you like Sudoku, you will enjoy this. Click here.
Do jigsaw puzzles on your computer. Click here.